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Air Quality Monitoring Station: Eastbourne

Location ID: UKA00546 / GB1005A

Environment Type: Urban Background

Defra Region: South East

Location: Eastbourne BN22 9PP

Notes: The monitoring station is within a self-contained, air-conditioned housing located behind the Willingdon Trees Community Centre at the junction of Holly Place and Maywood Avenue. The surrounding area comprises of low level housing and open parkland. The monitoring station is approximately 700 metres from the A22 and 4 kilometres from the coast.

Measurements taken at this site:
Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide (µgm-3)
Running 24 Hour mean PM2.5 Particles (µgm-3)

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Most recent measurements

Latest data at the top. "n/a" means no measurement was taken in that time period.

DateTime Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide
Running 24 Hour mean PM2.5 Particles
2018-09-2218:00:0081 Low51 Low
2018-09-2217:00:00101 Low51 Low
2018-09-2216:00:00131 Low61 Low
2018-09-2215:00:0051 Low61 Low
2018-09-2214:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2213:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2212:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2211:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2210:00:0061 Low61 Low
2018-09-2209:00:0071 Low61 Low
2018-09-2208:00:0071 Low61 Low
2018-09-2207:00:0051 Low61 Low
2018-09-2206:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2205:00:0031 Low61 Low
2018-09-2204:00:0071 Low61 Low
2018-09-2203:00:0051 Low61 Low
2018-09-2202:00:0041 Low61 Low
2018-09-2201:00:0051 Low61 Low

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