Some people say not to worry about the air


Air quality data and forecasts for the UK.

State of the Air

Latest data from Defra's network of air quality monitoring stations

Segments show the number of current monitoring values for each level. The more green it is, the more locations have good air at the moment.

Data collected 08:00 Wednesday 17 July 2024.

Current levels in detail

Quality Forecast

Summary air quality forecast for the next five days

Sections show the number of locations for each forecast pollution level. The more green it is, the more locations have a good air quality forecast.

Forecast published 06:00 Wednesday 17 July 2024.

Today's national forecast ~ Forecasts by county

Pollution key:

Low 1 Low 2 Low 3 Moderate 4 Moderate 5 Moderate 6 High 7 High 8 High 9 Very High 10

The current data snapshot and forecast levels do not always coincide, for various reasons. Forecasting air quality is an inexact science, even more so than forecasting the weather! Measurement data is very localised, and can be affected by factors specific to the measuring sites. Forecasts are for the maximum levels expected during the day, and not all locations may reach the peak at the same time.

Forecasts are published at 6am every day. If you view this site earlier in the morning, forecasts for "today" will still be yesterday, and "tomorrow" will be today.