All bright and glittering in the smokeless air

Air Quality Monitoring Station: Ladybower

Location ID: UKA00171 / GB0037R

Environment Type: Rural Background

Defra Region: East Midlands

Location: Ladybower

Notes: The monitoring station is located within a self-contained, air conditioned housing located in the Peak District National Park approximately 0.5 miles to the south west of Ladybower reservoir. The nearest road is for access to the nearby farm buildings only, and is approximately 20 metres from the station. The surrounding area is mainly open moor land with the nearest trees occurring within a distance of several hundred metres.

Measurements taken at this site:
Running 8 Hour mean Ozone (µgm-3)
Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide (µgm-3)
Max 15 min mean Sulphur dioxide (µgm-3)

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Most recent measurements

Latest data at the top. "n/a" means no measurement was taken in that time period.

DateTime Running 8 Hour mean Ozone
Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide
Max 15 min mean Sulphur dioxide
2019-04-1623:00:00733 Low121 Low301 Low
2019-04-1622:00:00723 Low161 Low291 Low
2019-04-1621:00:00723 Low171 Low291 Low
2019-04-1620:00:00703 Low191 Low291 Low
2019-04-1619:00:00673 Low171 Low301 Low
2019-04-1618:00:00632 Low131 Low311 Low
2019-04-1617:00:00602 Low121 Low311 Low
2019-04-1616:00:00562 Low121 Low311 Low
2019-04-1615:00:00522 Low151 Low311 Low
2019-04-1614:00:00502 Low161 Low311 Low
2019-04-1613:00:00492 Low211 Low291 Low
2019-04-1612:00:00502 Low231 Low291 Low
2019-04-1611:00:00512 Low211 Low291 Low
2019-04-1610:00:00522 Low161 Low301 Low
2019-04-1609:00:00532 Low121 Low301 Low
2019-04-1608:00:00542 Low101 Low281 Low
2019-04-1607:00:00542 Low91 Low281 Low
2019-04-1606:00:00542 Low91 Low281 Low
2019-04-1605:00:00552 Low91 Low281 Low
2019-04-1604:00:00552 Low81 Low271 Low
2019-04-1603:00:00582 Low91 Low271 Low
2019-04-1601:00:00652 Low101 Low301 Low

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