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Air Quality Monitoring Station: Oxford St Ebbes

Location ID: UKA00518 / GB0920A

Environment Type: Urban Background

Defra Region: South East

Location: Oxford

Notes: The monitoring station is located within a self contained, air conditioned housing within the grounds of St Ebbe's School, White House Road. The nearest road a minor road approximately 5 metres from the station. The surrounding area comprises of open fields and residential dwellings.

Measurements taken at this site:
Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide (µgm-3)
Running 24 Hour mean PM2.5 Particles (µgm-3)
Running 24 Hour mean PM10 Particles (µgm-3)

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Most recent measurements

Latest data at the top. "n/a" means no measurement was taken in that time period.

DateTime Hourly mean Nitrogen dioxide
Running 24 Hour mean PM2.5 Particles
Running 24 Hour mean PM10 Particles
2019-04-1623:00:00501 Low496 Moderate665 Moderate
2019-04-1622:00:00501 Low496 Moderate655 Moderate
2019-04-1621:00:00441 Low496 Moderate655 Moderate
2019-04-1620:00:00361 Low486 Moderate645 Moderate
2019-04-1619:00:00321 Low475 Moderate625 Moderate
2019-04-1618:00:00311 Low465 Moderate615 Moderate
2019-04-1617:00:00261 Low445 Moderate605 Moderate
2019-04-1616:00:00231 Low435 Moderate584 Moderate
2019-04-1615:00:00191 Low425 Moderate564 Moderate
2019-04-1614:00:00181 Low404 Moderate554 Moderate
2019-04-1613:00:00181 Low394 Moderate534 Moderate
2019-04-1612:00:00191 Low384 Moderate524 Moderate
2019-04-1611:00:00241 Low374 Moderate514 Moderate
2019-04-1610:00:00251 Low364 Moderate503 Low
2019-04-1609:00:00261 Low353 Low483 Low
2019-04-1608:00:00301 Low343 Low483 Low
2019-04-1607:00:00201 Low333 Low473 Low
2019-04-1606:00:00181 Low323 Low453 Low
2019-04-1605:00:00181 Low323 Low453 Low
2019-04-1604:00:00231 Low313 Low443 Low
2019-04-1603:00:00231 Low313 Low443 Low
2019-04-1601:00:00261 Low313 Low443 Low

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